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Refurbish Mazda Bongo spare wheel


From time to time I try doing odd things, having first decided that

I add the information here

steering wheel

Cure rubber of steering wheel separating/unbonding from steel core

oven element

Replace Neff U1721 fan oven heating element

Repair faulty channel selection button, Roberts DAB Radio RD8

Replace CMOS (BIOS) battery in Asus Laptop X52F - the quick and dirty way

Access headlamp bulb socket wiring (for DRL mod) in Hyundai i10 (2008-13 model range)

Modify fridge door shelf to fit tall bottles of wine - one of my more important projects

Repair broken wireless headphone headset


Satellite dish installation and alignment - UK Freesat or Sky  

Replace Fuel filter, Mazda Bongo 2.5 Diesel

Change the Auto Gearbox fluid (ATF), Mazda Bongo 2.5 Diesel

fuel filter atf

Refurbish remote control

remote control

7 november 2021

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install windows 10

Install Windows 10 on an old computer after many failed installations

Create a pseudo-static IP address for viewing webcam video in a web page

staticIPaddress doormirror

Repair a broken car door mirror and indicator repeater


Replace a kitchen sink macerator

Contact me by email strut

Repair office chair gas lift strut