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How to access headlamp bulb socket wiring in a Hyundai i10  (2008 - 13 model range) Next  >

I wanted to fit some DRLs (daylight running lights) to a Hyundai i10. I had a relay that would dim the DRLs when the headlights were switched on, so that they wouldn’t be

unnecessarily bright in poor light.

To wire in the relay, I had to connect it to the headlamp supply wire in some way and the easiest way, or so I thought, at the time, was to access the head lamp supply from the headlamp itself. With hindsight, there was possibly an easier way, given the difficulty of getting to the rear of the headlamp cluster.

But in all of this, I did access the back of the headlamp and this information may be useful to somebody!  

The headlamp assembly is fastened to the car with 3 bolts 10mm hexagon head and these need to be removed. The left hand bolt is below the level of the other two in the photo.

When these bolts are removed, the assembly is still held in place by lugs along the bottom of the assembly which locate in slots in the bodywork below the headlamp. Also the left hand edge of the headlamp is held by the front grille which has to be eased away to release it. To do this, 3 more fasteners must be removed: