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How to modify fridge door shelf to accept tall bottles of wine  - serious stuff this!

It’s annoying isn’t it when the wine bottle won’t fit ‘cos it’s too tall (see left). Decided to do something about it.

What about lifting the shelf above? Could do that but then either there isn’t room for tall items on that shelf, or you have to remove a shelf, thereby reducing the available door storage.

We need to remove a section similar to that enclosed by the green lines.

Make sure A is long enough to support the back of the shelf and prevent flexing back and forth

Make sure B is long enough to support the front shelf upright.

Make sure C is long enough to allow easy access of the bottle neck but not so long that the

integrity of the shelf is threatened.

You can cut out along the green line profile using a variety of methods. I used a hole saw to cut the four radiussed corner holes. Some remaining straight lines I cut with a fine toothed hacksaw, while the remaining ones I cut very carefully using a ‘dremel’ type electric tool with a very fine cutting disc (see page on this site - CMOS battery replacement). You need to take extra special care to make these cuts follow a straight line - not too easy when the disc’s spinning quickly.

After cutting, clean up all the cut edges carefully and thoroughly. Results below and left.