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How to change the CMOS (BIOS) battery in an Asus Laptop X52F -  the quick & dirty way

The laptop wouldn't hold the date and time. No great problem you would think on the face of it, but it creates lots of other problems. So, for example, if any updating is required the updating software thinks there are security or other implications if your date and time aren't what they should be and then won't load. So it's really useful to be able to replace the BIOS


One of the best set of instructions I've seen can be found here:

This gives lots of detailed dismantling instructions, with useful photos too, and is probably the best 'clean' way to do the job.

But, tantalizingly, the location of the CMOS battery is given, so we know where it is but also how inaccessible it is.


It was very good of you to point out where the battery was located! Thanks for that. I decided

to sleep on it and start this morning. But I couldn't get out of my head that the battery was

just under the keyboard! In my dream it was actually chuckling and waving at me.

I used to be very cautious and careful but, after decades of that, I'm now just very careful.

So this is what I decided to do.

After removing the keyboard (see malcysblog), there for all to see is an aluminium sheet

with lots of holes in it. Why didn't Asus put just one more hole, on top of the CMOS battery?

We'll never know.

So I thought, I know, I’ll put one there myself. In other words, I thought let’s be brutal but

in a very careful way.