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How to cure the separation (unbonding) of soft steering wheel outer  from the rim of the steel core

When you gripped the top of the steering wheel you could roll the soft outer backwards and forwards around the inner steel core of the wheel circumference. The outer had clearly become separated (unbonded) from the inner! The outer soft wheel moulding needed sticking back to the steel core.

But how to do it?

There’s a cyanoacrylate product similar to superglue that, I read, is used in bonding rubber bushes to their steel core. It’s called Loctite ™ 480 and it’s black. It seemed that this was the product to use.

It’s not cheap, but don’t pay over £20 for 20gm as some sellers are asking. I paid £11 on ebay (2014). You might find it cheaper.

So here’s what you need:

Loctite ™ 480 (very much less than 20gm, about 5gm at a guess.)

A syringe and needles (I used ‘green’ gauge needles. With hindsight I’d use thicker gauge - lower number. I used 3 needles altogether, as they kept blocking.) Cost just a couple of pounds on ebay.

Protective gloves

You inject the Loctite into the back of the outer steering wheel at intervals of about 2cm. This means that any puncture marks won’t show. (You are warned that the compound will cure in just a few seconds. It doesn’t and you have plenty of time to inject, wipe and move on! ) Gently massage the wheel to distribute the Loctite.

It’s best to protect the vehicle seat and surrounding items with newspaper or similar to prevent any drips from damaging them.

I found it useful to place masking tape around the rim, as shown, so that you can mark off where you’ve injected.

When you’ve finished, remove the masking tape and leave overnight to ensure maximum curing. Job done!