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How to repair a broken car door mirror and indicator repeater

Halfway down a narrow stretch of road only wide enough for one vehicle, and driving slowly, an oncoming car, with delusions of narrowness, raced towards me, fast, and broke my door mirror. No he didn’t stop, indicating that he also had delusions of entitlement.

So I had to pay for it myself.

The mirror glass and indicator repeater were broken. A replacement glass was sourced from ebay at a reasonable price. The indicator repeater cost an arm and a leg from the manufacturer. “That’ll be TWO arms, a leg and a thigh, Sir”.

Having the parts to hand, the next step was to wait for a dry day. I waited and waited. Finally the day arrived. I wasn’t in the mood. But yesterday, it all came together. How to get the mirror apart and the broken bits out?

 This is how:

The mirror glass clipped in place on the backing plinth which also contained the motor for remote adjustment. Push the bottom and side of the mirror in, allowing you to get your fingers behind the glass and gently prise the mirror free. The wires to the mirror heater can then be detached.

To fit the indicator repeater, it was necessary to remove the coloured mirror cowl. There were small bolt heads visible inside the mirror housing but after removing three it was obvious that these weren’t the answer. The answer came from a closer inspection with a torch. There were lugs which, if squeezed, would release the cowl. I squeezed two sets with fine pliers. The bottom lugs weren’t accessible but by judicious and careful waggling the cowl was released, first at the top and then all round, bit by bit..

The cover lugs are shown arrowed on the left.