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How to repair a faulty channel selector button on a Roberts

DAB Radio Model RD8

Two of the preset channel buttons had been gradually failing - they hadn’t been clicking properly then they stopped working altogether and wouldn’t change stations.

Not the end of the world but annoying.

I reckoned that, hidden below the fancy buttons, there’d be a standard click switch. So decided to investigate.

Took the radio apart - not easy; quite a few screws were hidden but at least they were screws. Forgot to take photos of where they were, and can’t remember, sorry.

Anyway. The buttons 1- 5 actually pressed in tiny printed circuit board switches, ringed below:

Obviously the ‘clicking action’ was giving up - I guess since they’re so small the internal spring strip just fails eventually.

“Ah, Watson. Which channels are used most on this radio?”

“ Channels 4 and 5. Elementary!”

I tried to get inside the switches but the bits were so small there wasn’t a lot you could do.

Measured the dimensions of the switch, bought replacements on ebay, ( 5 for £1.44 in 2013) soldered them in, rebuilt the radio and everything

works fine!