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How to repair a broken car door mirror and indicator repeater PART 2

Having gained access to the inside of the mirror housing, the indicator repeater was accessible. It wasn’t fixed but held in place by the cover itself. The electrical connector was behind a rubber weatherproof seal and consisted of a white nylon plug and socket. There was only one way to fit it so be careful on reassembly.

Reassembly was the reverse of disassembly, as it often is. Place the indicator repeater in place, being careful to align it with the mirror housing especially at the point that it reaches the edge. It’s then necessary to offer up the cowl, fitting the bottom first and while keeping the indicator in place. Then carefully aligning the top of the cowl while spreading it also towards the car body end to ensure that it aligns with all its fixing lugs.This reassembly requires patience and careful alignment to ensure a proper fit. When satisfied, press all the edges home.